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Architect's Bios


Raymond Ollett, Jr. began his career working summers in the architecture/interior design office of ELEANOR

LEMAIRE ASSOCIATES, in New York City. After completing his professional undergraduate degree, he

again lived in New York and was assistant to ABRAHAM ROTHENBERG at his private architecture practice.

In mid seventies Raymond permanently relocated to Denver where he founded the RE-ESTABLISHMENT

GROUP, INC., a small design firm, designing residential projects. Following that venture, he began four years

as an architect/urban designer at T.H.K. ASSOCIATES, working on projects from Colorado Springs to Rapid

City, South Dakota.

In 1979 the office of RAYMOND OLLETT, JR., ARCHITECTURE/INTERIOR DESIGN was began, having

continued success in all facets of architecture and design. In 1991 he co-founded COYOTE A/D.


University of Colorado, Master of Architecture

University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Architecture

Hunter College of New York

City College of New York

University of Denver, Continuing Education

Foreign Language Institute - Denver

Instituto Habla Hispaña - San Miguel de Allende, México

Interior Design Institute of Denver, Assistant Director of Education

American Society of Interior Designers, Professional Member, Secretary, Vice President

Interior Design Educators Council, Corporate Member

Colorado Free University

El Instituto Amigos del Sol, Oaxaca, México


Registered Architect, Colorado 1974

National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Certified 1989


Remodeling Magazine, Cervis Journal, Regionale West, Rocky Mountain News,

Architecture and Design of the West, Colorado Expressions – 2004, 2005

A.S.I.D. Presidential Citations 1995, 1996, 1997

National Association of Remodeling Industry, "Whole House" Award 1996

National Association of Remodeling Industry, "Addition" Award 1997

Interior Design Institute - Faculty Academic Excellence Award 1989

Lodo Historic Award 1989

Historic Denver Community Preservation Award 1998

A.I.A. Projects on Park Tour 1990

Historic Denver Projects Tour 1987

NARI Awards Display 1996

NARI Awards Display 1997

Temple Events Center - Board of Trustees

Leukemia Society "Puttin' for a Cure" Volunteer Designer

Capitol Hill Community Center - Board of Trustees

Historic Denver Projects Tour 2002

Observatory Park Projects Tour 2010

Hospitality Design Award - Lotus Night Club/Karma Lounge

Mayors Design Award -Hangar 61 Restoration – 2009

Epworth Church Building – Historic Denver Community Preservation Award 2015

Epworth Church Building - Historic Denver Rehabbed & Restored Tour 2016



Frank Goetz's 30 year career has been devoted entirely to the practice of Architecture, Planning and the

Construction business. Prior to co-founding the office of Coyote A/D in February of 1991, he was employed by

STEWART WOODARD AND ASSOCIATES of Costa Mesa, California. He was a Partner in charge of Design

Development and Production of Construction Documents.

Frank's career began working for FRANKFURT, SHORT, EMERY AND MCKINLEY in New York City.

After four years in New York, he migrated to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a brief stay before settling in the

Denver and Boulder area for the next seventeen years. While there he held positions of major responsibility with



During the years prior to joining STEWART WOODARD AND ASSOCIATES, Frank was the sole proprietor

of his own firm in Boulder, Colorado and Huntington Beach, California.

Frank left STEWART WOODARD AND ASSOCIATES in 1991 to start Coyote A/D, a full service

Architectural Firm with its main office in Denver, Colorado.


Kansas State University, Bachelor of Architecture

Aspen Institute for the Humanities, Design

Roaring Forks Solar Institute, Aspen, Colorado

Colorado State University, Continuing Education

Foreign Language Institute

A.I.A. Educational Committee


Registered Architect, Colorado 1971

Registered Architect, California 1986

Registered Architect, Arizona 1987


Denver Post

National Association of Remodeling Industry, Remodeling Award 1996

NARI Awards display 1996

National Association of Remodeling Industry, Remodeling Award 1997

NARI Awards display 1997

Leukemia Society "Puttin' for a Cure" Volunteer Designer

American Indian Unity Church Volunteer Consultant

KCFR Radio - Community Outreach Program

Residential Project Lists


Able Residence Larry and Jill Denver, CO

Anton Residence Chris and Patty* Denver, CO

Baird Residence Sue and Peter Denver, CO

Behr Residence Tre Behr Denver, CO

Binder Residence Ralph and Joy Denver, CO

Bayer Residence Pat Bayer* Denver, CO

Bayer Residence Jeff and Sylvia* Aurora, CO

Bayer/Cruise Residence Dick and Robin Denver, CO

Bergin Residence Merrill and P.J. Bergin* Denver, CO

Brauer Residence Mary Brauer* Greenwood Vil., CO

Brody Residence  Suzanne Brody* Boulder, CO

Cavness Residences Charles and Leslie* Denver, CO

Childs Residence Michael and Trisha Childs Denver, CO

Christian Residence Dave and Sarah Christian* Denver, CO

Corn/Dailey Residence Jay and Jeanne Greenwood Village, CO

Decker Residence Janet Decker Denver, CO

Edmisson Residence Rus and Eloise* Manh., Beach, CA

Elliot Residence Jim and Kathy Denver, CO

Engdahl/Schomp Residence Todd and Caroline* Denver, CO

Evans Residence Bob and Susan Littleton, CO

Fader Residence Bob and Dawn* Denver, CO

Fabian Residence Dick and Marie Huntington Harb., CA

Felder Residence Bill Felder* Denver, CO

Ferris Residence Waken Ferris* Denver, CO

Ford Residence Mike and Joanne* Denver, CO

Gabler Residence Larry Gabler* Denver, CO

Gittelman Residences Steve and Nickie* Cherry Hills, CO

Hall Residence Dennis and Jane Wheat Ridge, CO

Harrington Residence Jana Harrington* Denver, CO

Held Residence Gary Denver, CO

Higgins Residence John and Pat* Denver, CO

Hopkins Residence Steve and Denise Laguna Beach, CA

Jacobs Residence John and Audrey* Denver, CO

Knowles/Tomback Jim and Diana Denver, CO

Kuechenmeister Residences Charles/Cheryl* Denver, CO

Lang Residence Steve and Julie* Denver, CO

LaPlante Residence Gary and Cora Denver, CO

Lawson/Halenda Residence Barbara and Paul Westminster, CO

Leach Residence Nile and Lois Littleton, CO

Machette Residence Mike and Nancy Denver, CO

Marshall Residence Dick and Catherine* Denver, CO

Mathys/Gander Residence Eric and Deborah Littleton, CO

Maulitz Residence Dr. and Devra Denver, CO

Maxfield Residence Tom and Michelle Denver, CO

Moller Residence George and Louise Denver, CO

Morcos Residence Dr. Nader Morcos Laguna Beach, CA

Nibblelink Residence Sally Nibblelink Beuthod, CO

Noble Residence Howard and Susan* Denver, CO

Nonnenmacher Residence Antje and Nathan* Cherry Hills, CO

Nelson/Falkenberg Residence Larry and Ruth* Denver, CO

Perry Residence Chuck and Pat* Denver, CO

Peters Residence Dr. Wayne Peters* Denver, CO

Pizzicini Residence Anthony and Angie* Cherry Hills, CO

Pinsky Residence Estelle PinskyWestminster, CO

Poppe/Edwards Residence Rick and Jana Parker, CO

Perumba Residence Andy and Betsy* Greenwood Vil CO

Quiat Residence Matthew Quiat Denver, CO

Quigley Residence Mike and Ann* Denver, CO

Quinlan Residence Pat and Judy Westminster, CO

eynolds/Hewitt Residence Reed and Ahmee Denver, CO

Rodeno Residence John and Michelle Castle rock, CO

Rozticle Residence Frank Rozticle Denver, CO

Sandquist/Ladd Residence Ronda and David Denver, CO

Sayler Residence Mike and Lorie* Arapaho Cnty CO

Schneider Residence Bill and Kristine Greenwood Vil, CO

Scott Residence Bruce and Cheryl* Denver, CO

Scott Residence Bruce and Cheryl* Maui, Hawaii

Selenke Residence Joe and Lilia Aurora, CO

Sonnen Residence Joan* Denver, CO

Sophocles Residence Aris Sophocles* Breckenridge, CO

Billderbelt Residence John and Alexis Oahu, Hawaii

Stene /Zehrling Residence Eric and Judy Lakewood, CO

Sundheim Residence Jim Sundhiem* Denver, CO

Sutherland/Quintana Residence Susan and Michael Lakewood, CO

Turner Residence Jamie and Martha* Denver, CO/ Cherry Hills, CO

Vasilius Residence Chuck and Kate* Lakewood, CO

Volz Residence Ed and Bridgett* Denver, CO

Weckbaugh Residence Larry Weckbaugh Bailey, CO

Waryan Residence Kent and Jana Denver, CO

Williams Residence Dr. Warren and Marie Englewood, CO

Wofford Residence Hal and Sue* Denver, CO


Amundson Residence Jeff and Richelle Denver, CO

Bachman Residence Bill and Jan Boulder, CO

Bakke Residence Bill and Patti* Golden, CO

Berland Residence Don and Cindy* Winter Park, CO

Bond Residence Jim and Diane Winter Park, CO

Bottagaro Residence Tony and Kathy Boulder, CO

Bleesz Residence Raymond and Faith* Vail, CO

Brookes Residence Fred and Nancy Morrison, CO

Brown/Perryman Greg/Janet Gennesse, CO

Buckeye Group Residences Leslie Cavness* Citywide

Cannon Residences Ren* Denver, CO

Coggins Residence Larry Littleton, CO

Edmisson Residence Rus and Eloise* Manhattan Beach, CA

Elder Residence David and Karleen Cherry Hills , CO

Engbar SF/Duplexes Steve* Denver, CO

Gittelman Residence Nickie and Steve* Denver, CO

Goldback Residence Hal and Kathy Black Forest, CO

Glenn Residence Goeff and Rolinda Castle Pines, CO

Johnson Residence Mike and Kay Greenwood Village, CO

Keller Residence Bill and Helen Parker, CO

Kingery Custom Duplex Mike and Linda Denver, CO

Saguaro Company Greg Kristoferson* Castlerock, CO

Keyte Residence Dave and Mary Ann* Denver, CO

Kuney Residence John and Christy* Genesse Park, CO

Lang Family Residence Steve and Julie * Lake Lucerne, N.Y.

Meier Residence Sterling and Donna Boulder, CO

Melville Residence Ron and Louise Laguna Beach, CA

Miller Residences Eddie Miller* City wide, Denver, CO

Muzzy Residence Jim and Pam Laguna Beach, CA

Neumann Residence Christian La Quinta, CA

Neiman Residence Renate Castlerock, CO

Nelson Residence Larry Nelson* Denver, CO

Niernberg Residence Mike and Karen* Denver, CO

Noble Residence Howard and Susan* Denver, CO

Perry Residence Chuck and Pat* Denver, CO

Romer Residence Roy and Bea Denver, CO

Rose Residence Denis and Jeri Arvada, CO

Quiat Residence Matthew Quiat Denver, CO

Schroeder Residence Tim and Suki Littleton, CO

Scott Residence Bruce and Cheryl* Evergreen, CO

Shofner Residence Gene Denver, CO

Shulberg Residence Phyllis Shulberg Denver, CO

Sophocles Residences Aris Sophocles* Breckenridge, CO

Sundheim Residence Jim Sundheim* Denver, CO

Sutton Residence Jim and Elaine* Golden, CO

Tacker Residence Jim and Barbara* Morrison, CO

Bar-None Development Jim Tacker* Castlerock, CO

Turney/Wostrchil Residence Terry and Annamarie* Aurora, CO

Van Wyhe Residence Warren and Wendy Vail, CO

Williams Residence Walden and Jean* Huntington Beach, CA

Wilson Residence Gary and Sherry Parker, CO

Winterscheidt Residence Mike and Vicki Greenwood, Vil., CO

Younger Residence Tom and Deb Victoria, KS


140 Unit Senior Housing Project Gray Panthers of Colorado Thornton,CO

40 Unit Student Housing Project Bill Bachman Boulder, CO

76 Unit Housing Project Vic Caranci Louisville, CO

26 Unit Condominium Project Arcon, Inc. Arcadia, CA

100 Unit Senior Housing Project ARV Anaheim,CA

30 Unit Student Housing Project Battaglia Investments Cypress,CA

45 Zero-Lot line, Condominiums KATO/Midland Savings Boulder, CO

24 Unit Transitional Housing Project Affordable Housing Foundation Costa Mesa, CA

Integrated Designs Rob Wagner* Chanute, KS

North Cherry Creek Custom Housing Kuney Developement Co.* Denver, CO

North Cherry Creek Custom Housing Agger Construction* Denver, CO

North Cherry Creek Custom Housing Steve Engbar* Denver, CO

Cherry Creek Townhouses Hippeli Enterprises* Denver, CO

Cherry Creek Flats Larry Nelson/Glenn Jacks* Denver, CO

Cherry Creek Townhouses Konstantine Michelis Denver, CO

28 Unit Townhouse Project Gordon Corn Lakewood, CO

Jim Carney Townhouse Dr. Fishman Denver, CO

Commercial Project List


ABK Stereo Service Dave and Bob Kavan Denver, CO

Airgas Headquarters TI Michael Goldberg Denver, CO

Alameda Corner Retail Daniel Yim Denver, CO

Atlantis Gems, TI Atlantis, Inc Denver, CO

Bautsch Retail Building Cliff Bautsch Denver, CO

Bella Fiore Cherry Creek Darby Donahue Denver, CO

Benjamin-Moore, TI Marshall Roth Aurora, CO

Classic Cleaners, TI Denis Peterson Aurora, CO

Colleen/Gittelman, TI Steve Gittelman* Denver, CO

Colorado Coagulation Quentin Smith Aurora, CO

Dannys Custom Sportswear, TI Bob McConnell* Aurora, CO

Dance Gear, TI Donahue Schriber* Newport Beach, CA

Duggan Petroleum Patrick Duggan Englewood, CO

Eagle Commercial/Retail Building Bleeze Eagle, CO

Furniture Showroom Jim Loftus Boulder, CO

Gothard/Ellis Auto Park Abel/Jarrard Developement Co. Huntington B’ch, CA

Hangar 61-Commercial Larry Nelson Denver, CO

Hittle Partnership, TI Ralph Riggs Denver, CO

Jersey Retail Building Kathy Papa Denver, CO

Johnston/Randolph Randy Randolph* Denver, CO

Cristoferson Office/Warehouse Greg Cristoferson Denver, CO

McClintock Bulding - 16th Mall- Lobby Gail Cotton/Giles Fox* Denver,CO

Nambé Colorado Mills Bob Borden Lakewood, CO

1080 Cherokee, TI Nelson/Zeppelin* Denver, CO

1440 Market Larry Nelson/Virginia Liese* Denver, CO

1425 Market Larry Nelson/Pat Broe* Denver, CO

1338 Fiftenth Street Larry Nelson/Virginia Liese* Denver, CO

1318-1328 Fifteenth Street Larry Nelson/Richard Replin* Denver, CO

1020 Cherokee Nelson/Zeppelin* Denver, CO

Lighting Studio 1024 Cherokee Rick Ortega Denver, CO

Lite Spot 1005 Acoma Walt Cowie Denver, CO

Lodo Self Storage Minor Scott Denver, CO

McClintock Building - Storefronts/Int. Ret. Shel. Gail Cotton* Denver, CO

No-Dice Salon Karen Silver Denver, CO

Northglen Crimelab Northglen PD Northglen, CO

1058 Delaware - Shell Nelson/Zepplin* Denver, CO

620 CORP - 3463 Blake Street Nelson/Falkenberg Denver, CO

Photoplay Glamour Photography, TI Donahue Schriber* Newport Beach, CA

Rentx Remodelings Mark Nuttal* Statewide

Robert Mann Oriental Rugs Robert Mann Denver, CO

Saks Fifth Avenue, TI Sandy Vechazone/Mike Jameli* Denver / Phoenix

Saks Gallery Michael Saks Denver, CO

Scandia Down Matthew Quiat Denver, CO

St. Johns Knits Colorado Mills Jamie Palacios Lakewood, CO

St. Charles Equitable Building TI Charley Wooley* Denver, CO

SeaCliff Shopping Center, TI Chevron Oil* Huntington Be’h, CA

Shafer Furniture J. Shafer Denver, CO

Silco Oil, TI Michael DePourbaix* Denver, CO

Tinderbox, TI Jeff Bayer* Aurora, CO

Valley Plaza S.C. Shell T.I. Denver Holdings, Inc* Aurora, CO

Wenk Associates Bill Wenk* Denver, CO

Whittman Jewellers, TI Larry Nelson* Boulder, CO

Woden Woods Office Nelson/Eggers* Denver, CO


1221 Wazee Professional Building BASK, Inc Denver, CO

Bayer/Carey/McGee Jim Bayer* Denver, CO

Centric Elevator Building Centric Elevator Corp.* Denver, CO

Channel 31 TV Studios, TI Businessmen's Assurance Company Denver, CO

Coffman Offices, TI Pat Quinlain* Aurora, CO

B and F Heating Pat Quinlain* Arvada, CO

Colorado Free University - Lowry John Hand* Denver, CO

Diamond Hill, TI R & B Management Denver, CO

EPS Dan Guimond Denver, CO

Engel/Remain Barry Engel Denver, CO

Fader Photography Bob Fader* Denver, CO

Ford Real Estate Mills Ford Denver, CO

Harco Manufacturing Co. Spencer Enterprises* Jefferson County, CO

Huffman Labs Ed Huffman Golden, CO

ISEC Rich Nadler* Greenwood Vil.,CO

Kaiser Communications Building David Kaiser Studio City, CA

LCA Professional Building Arcon, Inc. Arcadia, CA

Riviera Electric Donald White Englewood, CO

SeaCliff Business Park Chevron Oil* Huntington Be’h, CA

Tech-Fi, TI Chris Quigley/Marie Parks Denver, CO

McClintock Building - Offices Gail Cotton* Denver, CO

Vasilious Hanger/Office Chuck Vasilious* Laramie, WY


Father Woody's Haven of Hope Denver, CO Melinda Paterson

Church of Religious Science,Interior Dr. Peggy Bassett Huntington B’ch, CA

Arvada Mortuary and Chapel Jim Morgan Arvada, CO

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Pastor Dale Johnson Cypress, CA

Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church Pastor Elmer Thyr Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Open Door Fellowship David Warren Denver, CO

Hangar 61 – Synagogue and Church Studies Larry Nelson Denver, CO


Reflections Disco Lounge Dennis Writer Phoenix, AZ

Newport Fitness Center Mike Thompson Newport Beach, CA

Pool Cabana Zeta Management* Louisville, CO

Children's Camp Facilities Presbyterian Synod of S.California* Ramona, CA

Presbyterian Conference Centers Presbyterian Synod of S.California* Pc.Palis.,S. Barbara, CA

Gourmet Alternative Office Darby Donahue Denver, CO

University Club Caroline Mcrossie Denver, CO


Alices Kitchen Don Berland* Longmont, CO

The Art of Coffee Gary Gilliard Denver, CO

Baskin-Robbins Michael and Laura Pierce Aurora, CO

Blackburnes Blackburne Costin Boulder, CO

Blimpie Sub and Salad Shops (Multiple) Dan Wilson* Rocky Mtn. Region

Cafe Bagelious (Multiple) Danny Pisarra* Aurora, CO

Caveau Wine Bar Heidi Marquardt Denver, CO

Chef Noodle House Billy Lam* Aurora, CO

Dixon's Downtown Grille Lee Goodfriend* Denver, CO

Dorchester Denver, CO - Ray Jafari*

Glendale Grille Nancy Malloy Glendale, CO

Goodfriends Restaurant Lee Goodfriend* Denver, CO

Highland Pacific Restaurant Brian Rockwell Denver, CO

Kona Field Alex/Pat Gurevich Lakewood, CO

LaBonne Soupe Shep Brown Denver, CO

La Brassierie Alan Sunset* Greeley, CO

LaRouge Ray Jafari* Denver, CO

Lavish Ray Jafari* Denver, CO

Le Central Expansions Robert Tournier* Denver, CO

Little Caesars (Multiple) Wendall Williams State wide, CO

Lotus Club/Karma Lounge Francois Safieddine* Denver, CO

Main Squeeze Juice Bar Leeann Grundemann Denver, CO

Monarck Club Francois Safieddine* Denver, CO

Mynt Cafe Francois Safieddine* Denver, CO

Noodles Cherry Creek Aaron Kennedy Denver, CO

Ocotillo Peter Martinek Greenwood Vil. CO

Racines Restaurant Lee Goodfriend* Denver, CO

Racines Banquet Room Lee Goodfriend* Denver, CO

Uncle Sam's Larry Herz* Greenwood Vil., CO

Schlotzsky's Deli Ron Harrison Denver, CO

Session Kitchen - Denver, CO Lisa Berzins Ruskasp

Sonoda's Broadway Kenny Sonoda Denver, CO

Sonoda's Aurora Kenny Sonoda Aurora, CO

Suite 200 Francois Safieddine* Denver, CO

Todays Gourmet Highland Garden Cafe Pat Perry* Denver, CO

University Club Rob McDonald Denver, CO

VIE - Denver - Francois Safieddine*

Viewhouse - Ballpark/LODO Denver, CO Francois Safieddine*

Viewhouse - Main Street Littleton, CO Francois Safieddine*

WineLoft – Denver , CO–LODO Aaron Anderson Denver, CO

WineLoft – Greenwood Village Aaron Anderson Greenwood Vil., CO

WineLoft - Brentwood Suni Sidu Brentwood, CA


Bernstein Clinic Dell Bernstein, M.D.* Denver, CO

Family Care Medical Cts. Aris Sophocles, M.D.* Denver,CO

FHP Medical Center FHP, Inc. Huntg Bch, CA

Foust/Rappaport/Young Glen Foust, MD Glendale, CO

Gabler Clinic Larry Gabler, D.D.S.* Denver, CO

Hedberg/McCallum Cls John Hedberg, M.D.* Glendale, CO

Hubbard/Sever Clinics Larry Hubbard, M.D.* Englewood, CO

Kurthy Dental Clinic Roger Kurthy, D.D.S. Huntg. Bch, CA

Little and Stephens Clinic Greg Stephens, M.D. Breckenridge, CO

Newport Harb. Psychiatric William Harris, PHD Newport Bch, CA

Optometric Emporiums EyeCo., Inc Phoenix, AZ

Colorado Orthopedics Steve Davis, M.D. Lakewood, CO

*Repeat client/Multiple projects

Research/Planning/Urban Design


Able Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Able Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Alameda Corner Retail Planned Development/Expert Witness Denver, CO

Antonoff & Company Building Analysis for Purchase Denver, CO

Aris Sophocles M.D. Feasibility Studies for Medical Clinics Colorado, Statewide

Barrberry Market Street/Alley Vacation Denver, CO

Bayer/Carey/McGee Chapter 31, Historic Code Variance Denver, CO

Barkley Blue Townhouse Planning Investigation Denver, CO

Binder Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Black Gold Office Zoning Variance/P.U.D. Douglas County, CO

Brauer Residence Zoning Variance Greenwood Vil., CO

Breckenridge Brewery Occupancy Study Denver, CO

Cactus Club Feasibility Study, Code Check Denver, CO

Childs Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Cimarron Engineering Water Rights Map Production Denver, CO

Clinic for Plastic Surgery Code Evaluation for Accreditation Denver, CO

Decker Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

DeOlivera Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Dixons Restaurant Landmark Commission Historic Applications Denver, CO

Dixons Restaurant Downtown Mall/Revocable permit Denver, CO

Dr. Dell Bernstein Preliminary Study for P.U.D. Denver, CO

E.M.C. Duplexes Zoning Variance Denver, CO

East Side Deli Building Analysis for Purchase Glendale, CO

Ellas Ventures Zoning Variance/P.U.D. Denver, CO

Emerald Theatre Zoning Variance Edgewater, CO

Engdahl/Schomp Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Eiguren/Jones Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Family Care Medical Center Location and Building Analysis Denver, Metro Area

Felder Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

First State Bank Site Analysis for Expansion Denver, CO

Drs. Foust/Rappaport/Young Building Analysis for Purchase Colorado, Statewide

Gittelman Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Hangar 61 State and Stapleton Historic and Design Denver, CO

Hippeli Enterprises Zoning Variance/P.U.D Denver, CO

Hopkins Residence Coastal Commission Variance Laguna Beach, CA

H.U.D./F.H.A. Compliance Inspection Reports Denver, Metro Area

Contractor Expert Witness/Building Analysis Pinery, CO

Insignia Commercial Group Roof Drainage Study Denver, CO

Jersey Retail Planned Development Denver, CO

Johnston/Randolf Chapter 31, Historic Code Variance Denver, CO

K-Mart Planned Unit Development Greenwood Vil., CO

Kristoferson-Lipan Planned Development Denver, CO

Kuechenmeister Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Kuechenmeister Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Kuney Development Duplex Zoning Variances/PUD Denver, CO

Lang Residence Zoning Variance/Historic Applications Denver, CO

Larry Nelson-Market Street Chapter 31, Historic Code Variance Denver, CO

Larry Nelson-110 So. Jackson Zoning Variance/P.U.D. Denver, CO

Ledge Brady Preliminary Study for PUD Denver, CO

Le Central Historic Zoning Application Denver, CO

Leon Levy Building Analysis for Purchase Denver, CO

Eddie Miller Zoning Variances/PDs Denver, CO

McClintock Building Building Code adjustments for existing Denver, CO

McClintock Building Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

McConnell/Hale Comm'l As-Built Drawings/BOMA Denver, CO

Susan Noble Renderings for Property Sale Denver, CO

Nelson/Falkenberg Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Larry Nelson Building Code Analysis Denver, CO

Palo Duro Building Analysis for Purchase Denver, CO

Pizzicini Residence Zoning Variance Cherry Hills, CO

R & M Keller Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Romer Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Raven Rock Ranch Zoning Change/Site Planning/Subdivide Evergreen, CO

Regis Square Shop. Center Site Analysis for Expansion Denver, CO

Sandquist/Ladd Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Saks Fifth Avenue Receiving Mike Jamali Nation Wide

Safiddine/Lotus Entertainment City Wide purchase/Code Studies Denver, CO

State of CO Energy Dept. Energy Conservation Analysis Statewide, Colorado

Tappen Block-15th/Market Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Today's Gourmet Restaurant Chapter 31, Historic Code Variance Denver, CO

Today's Gourmet/Garden Cf. Location and Building Analysis Denver, CO

Waryan Residence Landmark Commission Historic Application Denver, CO

Waryan Residence Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Wayne Peters, M.D. Zoning Variance Denver, CO

Westwoods Ranch Architectural Control Analysis Arvada, Colorado

Winterscheidt Residence Zoning Variance Greenwood Vil., CO

Woden Woods Zoning Variances Denver, CO

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